Speak Your Brand: Speaker Coaching

Are you ready to start speaking more but unsure about how to get started as a paid speaker OR would you like to master your message so you can get booked more often and paid your fee?

  • Do you have your Trademark Talk ready to go when the phone rings?
  • Is your media kit sizzling HOT and does it sell your brilliance?
  • What about your speaking contracts are they polished for profit?
  • Do you know how to speak your brand and take it to the bank?
  • Do you know how to WIN even when asked to speak for FREE?
  • Do you know how to grace the stage, sell your brilliance, captivate the audience and build instant LIKE-KNOW-TRUSTABILITY?
  • Is your confidence a 10 when it comes to speaking on stage?

The Speak Your Brand Program is for you if…

  • You have an important message the world needs to hear but you are not sure how to package it for profit.
  • You have not yet developed your signature Trademark Talk that showcases who you are, what you stand for and broadcasts the brand of you.
  • You’re struggling with how to develop your speech content, title your talks and create content that’s captivating and full of value.
  • You don’t know how to set your speaking fees, assemble your media kit and or develop your speaking contracts.
  • You are ready to stop speaking for FREE and want to get paid your fee.
  • You’re not quite sure how to find or get booked speaking events.
  • You worry about your delivery and or lack confidence in your speaking ability.
  • You want to master your message, polish your platform skills and take your talk on the road.

THE SPEAK YOUR BRAND PROGRAM helps you take the stage, speak with authentic confidence, own the stage and rock it, speak more at LIVE events and create videos that showcase and sell your expertise.

when are you going to speak

If you are serious about starting or advancing your speaking career you need to be ready when those speaking opportunities come your way!


Learn more about the 6 week Speak Your Brand Speaker Coaching Program HERE.

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