Catrice M. Jackson | BOSSLady of Branding | International Speaker | Travel Lover

Close up smile white wallCatrice M. Jackson, the truth-telling BOSSLady of Branding helps entrepreneurs clearly identify their soul-purpose brand and confidently unleash their Irresistible Trademark (IT) so they can unapologetically show up in the marketplace, shine and do the damn thing!

Catrice is most passionate about helping business owners’ crank up the volume of their voice to be undeniably seen, heard, loved and hired by clients they crave. She is a master-message mentor who turns mediocre marketing messages into social media sales succulence, an international speaker who empowers women to step up to the mic, speak their brand and sizzle and loves helping entrepreneurs BOSS their brands by creating a 3-D sensory brand experience clients are hungry for. She does it all with her signature coaching secret-sauce, Catriceology, the irresistible psychology of branding anchored in truth, authenticity and freedom. 

Catrice is relentlessly on a mission to inspire and empower women worldwide to take off the masks, pull off the costume and show the world their truest most authentic self and to be unapologetic about who they are. She encourages women to say SO WHAT and not give a damn about what other people think so they can be FREE to be who they want, have what they want and live their vision and dream life like they want to without permission, approval or regret.

me with mic

Remarkable! Real! and Rebelliously Refreshing! Catrice rocks the stage with an undeniable powerful presence. Innovative workshops. Captivating keynotes. Her messages are energizing, exciting and experiential. Catrice will have your audience engaged, inspired, and empowered to Show UP, SHINE and Do the Damn Thing!

Catrice is a successful, seasoned and sought after international empowerment and platform speaker who has spoken live in person, virtually, and on numerous radio shows since 1997. She regularly speaks at business and personal development conferences, youth events, in schools and on college campuses, at community networking events and continues to speak on global tele-summits and radio shows.

my talk people dancing

Catrice, personal branding expert and international best-selling author,  loves to speak. It’s the sweet spot of soul’s purpose. Catrice has inspired, empowered and motivated thousands of people through her killer keynote presentations, organizational training, as a panel expert and while serving as an engaging and electrifying emcee. Audiences love Catrice, her playful yet purpose-driven spirit and how they are moved into action by her presence and powerful message.

Beyond the titles I AM…

A lover of people and God.
A mother, wife and grandmother.
A creative visionary and linguistic artist.
A lover of global cuisine and foodie.
A travel junkie and
A loyal friend and compassionate humanist.

Learn more about Catrice and book her to speak! –> 



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  1. Katie says:

    I’m on the Programming Committee for the Women in Travel Summit. We’ve had the honor of having Catrice speak at our last two conferences, and she is a TOTAL ROCKSTAR. With her, there’s no question of whether she’ll show up, shine, and do the damn thing! She’s consistently voted among our top motivators. She’s incredibly talented, inspirational, and really knows how to move an audience — sometimes quite literally! As a bonus, she’s more than willing to help promote our events. We love Catrice and can’t recommend her enough as a speaker!

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  2. Andy Baluca says:

    Loving the new blog! Your presentation at WITS16 was inspirational and informational. Thanks again for sharing and looking forward to reading about your travels.

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  3. Fierce, Fabulous, and Real! Catrice is a rare voice in a noisy world. She speaks with a relaxed but yet engaging style. She merges valuable content with authentic power that yield action & results. Glad I had the opportunity to connect & hear her shine in person at the WITS16 conference.

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  4. After having been coached by Catrice during telephone conversations, and through her phenomenal books, I finally met her face to face at The WITS16 (Women in Travel) annual conference in Irvine, California. I also had the honor of meeting with her for a one on one mentoring session. It was during this session that I sharpened my own understanding of’s mission and brand.

    Catrice was able to get me to see the true value of my brand and product. Additionally, the exercises and paces that she took me through to heighten my awareness of what I have to offer allowed me to be walk away from the session more confident and certain that I am on the right path.

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  5. I was lucky enough to hear Catrice speak at the recent WITS16 Conference. Her branding message was clear to me and to those around me, inspiring me to take my brand to the next level. She made me step out of my comfort zone and feel comfortable with my niche. I can’t wait to take the plunge and show the world what I’m made of.


  6. Anubha Momin says:

    I am on the Programming Team for the Women in Travel Summit, and for the last two years, Catrice has been named as one of our top speakers. She is dynamic, engaging, approachable, and honest. Catrice is regularly described as inspiring and encouraging – and if you hear her speak, you will know why!

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  7. I first met Catrice in March, 2015 at the Women in Travel Summit (WITS15) in Boston, MA. Her presentation was engaging, authentic and powerful. We connected more after the event and have remained in touch, supporting one another.

    In September, 2015 I attended her Do The Damn Thing conference in Omaha, NE (more here: and was fortunate to hear her speak again at WITS16 in Irvine, CA.

    She is a wonderful speaker and beautiful soul!


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