My Delicious Destiny is About to Get Sweeter!

“That mouth of yours is going to get you in trouble!” 

The eleven notorious words my mother spoke to me often growing up. It’s true. I was the sassy, vocal kid who always had something to say. I wasn’t the disrespectful type of sassy; I was curious, inquisitive, and questioned why things were the way they were. In fact, why was one of my favorite “questions” then and still today.

From my earliest memories I recall not being afraid to use my voice in all of its glorious translations. One of my favorite activities was playing school with my cousins and friends; and yes, I always wanted to be the teacher and often was.

Talent shows at school? Yep! Sign me up. I loved being on the platform and was quite comfortable in the spotlight; not so much to be seen but because something about being there (on the platform) made me feel powerfully alive inside. I sang in many talent shows, dances and even did a double-dutch jump rope routine with my cousin Shawn. I’ll never forget that moment. We did the damn thing!

In middle school I realized “I had a voice.” – I could actually sing and I did. I was in choir and often took every opportunity to get my solo on! One of my greatest solo memories was in highschool when I sang The Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston at our Homecoming ceremony. If I say so myself, I did Whitney well! Now you know, if you’re going to touch a Whitney Houston song you better do it right! – There I stood in an original Sparkle Fashions (my mom’s line of clothing) satin and lame dress with an 80’s honey-blonde shag doing my thing; using my voice to empower and inspire! – Don’t cha just love the 80’s? [1988]

West High School – Sioux City, IA – Class of 1988

It was in high school that I discovered a different version of my voice. I absolutely loved speech class! Again, I remember how powerfully alive I felt standing at the podium presenting my views and defending them. However, even then I didn’t know the full capacity and potential of my voice. I just knew I had something to say and people listened.

Throughout my college years, I enjoyed giving presentations and it begin to really sink in that being in front of an audience was my zone. It was my sweet spot. I knew on a deep level that my destiny would involve a platform, an audience and a microphone.

In 2005, after two job layoffs in a row, I decided to take my destiny into my own hands. I officially created Catriceology Enterprises, a training, consulting and speaking company. I was tired of working for the “man” yet didn’t muster up the courage to take the big entrepreneurial leap until 2008.

I felt like my voice was being held hostage in places (jobs) that never truly acknowledged , understood and honored its fullness and greatness. I’d grown tired of the rules, red tape and restrictions on how I could show up in the world. My feisty, independent spirit just couldn’t take any more so I leaped and trusted the net would appear.

I was born to speak and I live to speak! I know for sure it is my greatest gift, my deepest joy and the purpose of my existence.

Today I think back to what my mother used to say about my mouth getting me into trouble and smile and say, thanks mom for NOT silencing my voice. Today I can say that “the money is in the message!” Today this sassy voice of mine is what I use to champion my movement, to move my mission forward and to make a meaningful difference in the world.

Money Message PNG 3.png

Since 2008, I’ve been using my voice to inspire, heal, empower, educate and transform the lives of people all over the country and I’ve loved every second of it. I’ve been blessed to be able to create my own destiny and determine the path of my purpose. I have ONE intention for my life; #SpeakTravelWrite – that’s it.. until I take my last breath.


I desire to and will speak every chance I get and travel the world doing what I love. I’ve been to some amazing places, met some fantastic people in lovely spaces and have indulged in the beauty of life along the way. My speaking journey has not always been easy or fruitful. I’ve spoken for free. I’ve paid my own way. I’ve done whatever it takes to take my rightful place on the platform of possibility AND purpose.

Speaking at UNO – Omaha, NE 

But on the flip side of the determination and struggle I’ve been asked, called and chosen to speak. I’ve been paid to speak. I’ve been asked back 2-3 times to speak at certain conferences and events. I’ve had my travel expenses covered by the event organizer. I’ve received standing ovations. I’ve sold out of books within 5 minutes of ending my talks. I’ve been hired as a coach as a result of sharing my message. So many wonderful things have happened over the years and I AM TRULY GRATEFUL.

WTIS 2016 – Audience 

me with mic

The best thing that happens when I speak… is I meet some spectacular, cool, crazy-fun, conscious people! – It’s always the people that make my speaking experiences meaningful. I’ve met some awesome women along the way, made new friends, established life-long connections and entered into some fruitful and mutually rewarding professional partnerships.

I know good people when I meet them. 
Great women I’ve met on the journey! 
More fabulous women! 

I never get tired of doing what I love. The opportunity to travel to different cities sweetens the deal and provides me with much needed soul therapy. I love to travel. I love to meet new people and go off on solo adventures to discover life in different communities, neighborhoods and cultures.

A few moments in Boston, MA 

There are so many spaces, places and faces I yet to see and I know that speaking all over the world is my destiny. I’ve got a long list of places where I’d love to take the platform and I intend to grace every stage in every city before I take my last breath. I used to wonder when I got bit by the travel bug, but then I remembered that my love for travel began on the many trips I would take with my late grandmother.

She had a van and would load us kids up to take trips to various church conventions and revivals and I was always the one who raised my hand first to go! I’ve come a long way from those traveling van days and feel blessed to be able to hop on a plane and head into new adventures. I’ve also been blessed to stay at some amazing hotels along the way.


From the hotels, conferences, sessions, excursions, connecting, and eating to the intimate moments I create when I speak… I love it all. What an awe-inspiring journey I’ve been on and this is only the beginning. I feel like I’m just getting started.


My life intention is clearly and undoubtely to #SpeakTravelWrite! – Speak on every platform possible, travel the world and write best-selling books in my down time. That’s it. My simple, delicious destiny! – And by any means necessary I WILL fulfill it.

The cities that top my list for speaking opportunities in 2017 are New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, New Orleans, Washington D.C., and Seattle. If you are looking for a dynamic speaker who is rebelliously refreshing and real I would love to come speak at your conference or event. In fact, I’m open to traveling any where to inspire, educate and empower the lives of people. Let’s do it! Contact me and let’s make it happen!


2017 here I come in full force ready to take my message to the masses to create meaningful, magnificent and memorable moments – let the magic begin! Stay tuned for my next awesome adventure coming to a city near you! – When you see my signature Chuck Taylors… you’ll know Catriceology is in the building and get ready for a refreshing and remarkable time! 

What people are saying about Catriceology messages! 

“Some people have it, and some people live it; Catrice Jackson is that rare professional with the ability to master both: rock her talent and live out her gifts to unselfishly empower others. When Catrice spoke at our Stiletto Thrive Conference, not only was she a dynamic teacher, but she brought a level of expertise that sparked many clarifying moments and game-changing breakthroughs. Our attendees left enlightened and transformed by her knowledge and presence.”


“I am on the Programming Team for the Women in Travel Summit, and for the last two years, Catrice has been named as one of our top speakers. She is dynamic, engaging, approachable, and honest. Catrice is regularly described as inspiring and encouraging – and if you hear her speak, you will know why!” – Anubha Momin

“I’m on the Programming Committee for the Women in Travel Summit. We’ve had the honor of having Catrice speak at our last two conferences, and she is a TOTAL ROCKSTAR. With her, there’s no question of whether she’ll show up, shine, and do the damn thing! She’s consistently voted among our top motivators. She’s incredibly talented, inspirational, and really knows how to move an audience — sometimes quite literally! As a bonus, she’s more than willing to help promote our events. We love Catrice and can’t recommend her enough as a speaker!” – Katie Gard -WITS Plannng Team 

“Catrice definitely made a great impression on the Women In Sales and Business (WISB) members. Her Seven Secrets to BE More Magnetic, Memorable and Meaningful as the Brand of YOU! is working. Our ladies are getting out there with more confidence and direction as they apply what they learned from her workshop. She is a great “wordsmith” and knows how to take what you are thinking and put it into dynamic words and sentences. Thank you again for being such a great motivator for the WISB ladies in Lincoln. They are Showing UP, Shinning and Doing the Damn Thing.” — Deb Payne 

Catriceology Medium Text Only

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