Omaha Nebraska: Home of Catriceology’s Do The Damn Thing Experience

If you’ve never DONE THE DAMN THING – It’s time you do!

Omaha, Nebraska – A hidden gem in middle America where women come together for a weekend of inspiration, elevation and transformation!

Downtown Omaha at Night
The heart of downtown Omaha, Nebraska.

Yes… there’s more than corn fields and cows in Nebraska! Omaha is the home of one of the most uplifting personal development conferences for women. Don’t sleep on visiting Omaha and be sure to attend Catriceology’s Do The Damn Thing Women’s Empowerment Experience.

Do The Damn Thing is NOT a conference. Sure, you will learn from amazing speakers and participate in powerful personal development sessions, but it is truly an experience, a moment that is meaningful, magical and memorable! It’s a magnificent time for women to come together and make new friends, build lasting relationships and FEEL the moment of being honored for who they are.

This year’s theme was Step Into Your Significance: Be All You Are Destined to Be! Way too many women sell themselves short. Women often do not put themselves first or deeply realize how fantastical they really are. This year we wanted to clearly and profoundly let women know that they matter, they have value, they are worthy and they are significant. 

Every year I choose ONE word to guide how I will live my life for the year. My word for 2016 is SIGNIFICANCE. Significance for me means, important, meaningful, all that truly matters. I’ve been very intentional about giving my time and energy to people and events that are important, meaningful and that truly matter. So, this year instead of hosting the conference at hotel, I chose another hidden gem in Omaha for the venue.

Do The Damn Thing 2016 was hosted at the Love’s Jazz and Art Center. Love’s is a pillar in the community and a hot spot in the African-American community for poetry night, jazz concerts and community events. I chose Love’s because I wanted to support a local organization that is doing meaningful work in the community. If you haven’t stopped in to experience the Love’s Jazz and Art Center you must!




[this is a photo of a Jazz event hosted at Love’s Jazz & Art Center]

Uplifting, exhilarating, dynamic, energizing, unique, inspirational and electrifying is how I would describe this year’s Do The Damn Thing Experience! It’s definitely NOT a twiddle your thumbs and sit in your seat kind of moment.

We sing, dance, laugh, play, hug, connect, share, and get our groove on for sure! Women love Do The Damn Thing because it allows them to be free to be who they are, there is no facade necessary, they don’t have to pretend to be more than who they are and they are encouraged to let loose, take off the masks and just BE!


This year’s featured speakers were Anita Clinton and Mira Joleigh and they did not disappoint! Mira spoke with poise, grace and power and Anita fired up the participants with power and conviction. Sue Strampe and Tami Damian added spunk and wisdom to the Activate Your Destiny panel. Each spectacular speaker brought their own flavor to create a fulfilling moment for women.



Do The Damn Thing Experience is for women who desire to transform their lives from the inside out, women who want to unleash and own their greatness, women who seek to discover their purpose and walk in their greatness and women who want to do their damn thing no matter what by saying SO WHAT to what other people think and say about them.


This is a moment for women to be free, authentic, courageous, brave and audacious to just be who they already are with no apologies, regrets or permission.


One of the best things about Do The Damn Thing is that women really connect and build lasting friendships beyond the experience.




Do The Damn Thing 2016 is the 3rd year for the experience. We had a spectacular time! We hope that eyes were opened, hearts were softened, ideas were ignited, friendships were forged, dreams were revived, hope was restored and greatness was unleashed!




Do The Damn Thing 2016 was phenomenal! – You should have been there! Stay tuned in for a follow up post that captures the VIP event and the full day main event.

WOW! – I am truly grateful for each and every woman who said YES to her greatness and showed up to be blessed and to be a blessing to other women. Thanks everyone who came, shined and did the damn thing. I APPRECIATE YOU.


When you are ready to UNLEASH YOUR SIGNIFICANCE and be all you are destined to be, please join us in the Unleash Your Significance group on Facebook. And if you’re ready to get some coaching and mentoring to unleash your greatness, I invite you to join us in the Unleash Your Significance Society. Click HERE to join! 

Get the guide you need to truly UNLEASH YOUR SIGNIFICANCE. Order a copy of my new book by CLICKING HERE.

WERE YOU THERE? DID YOU ATTEND DO THE DAMN THING 2016? Please leave a comment and share your experience with others. 

There’s no more time to waste. DO YOUR DAMN THING!

*we had the most amazing, tantalizing food catered by Jon Nielle, owner of Tantalizing Tasties LLC. – Her food was to die for! If you need a caterer please contact Jon Nielle and check out her Facebook Page.



5 Comments Add yours

  1. Starlet Ware says:

    A few things I learned at “Do The Damn Thing Conference” are: 1) Practice radical belief 2) Be intentional 3) Go after my goals by any means necessary. Those were excellent life/business tips but meeting the ladies I did this past weekend will last after the ‘high’ goes away. Dancing, breaking bread, hearing testimonies and laughing with the ladies at VIP night and then the beautiful “trouble” ladies Saturday. 😉 I recommend this event highly so you see “you are not alone in what you are going through and YOU CAN BE, DO what you are called to be/do!!”

    Lovely speakers, venue and all the vendors’ products; books, food, clothing and networking were all worth the trip to Omaha. Thank you so much Catrice and your team for putting on such a nice event.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Catriceology says:

    Thank you Starlet so much for saying yes to coming to #DoTheDamnThing2016. I’m so happy you enjoyed yourself and it was a pleasure to serve you.


  3. Sue Strampe says:

    Like-minded women merging their time, talents & treasures.
    Individually we are a beautiful snowflake but together, we are a blizzard !!
    This workshop helped transform doubts into dreams and fear into function. Heartfelt and real talk !!
    Practical tools were given to move forward with purpose & direction.
    Excellent event that I highly recommend !


  4. Catriceology says:

    Thanks for being a part of the moment Sue! I so appreciate you!


  5. Sharee Chistian says:

    Do The Damn Thing is a conference unlike any other that I have attended. I have always felt drained, tired, and unenthusiastic at most conferences I have attended. Do The Damn Thing is the exact opposite, I sit in my seat like a kid in a candy store waiting for what’s next throughout the whole conference. Attending this conference has made me more fearless, optimistic, and downright eager to build my brand! Just when you think you got it all put together, attending this conference takes that level of confidence to the next level and helps each individual know that she doesn’t have to apologize for shaping her world into whatever she can dream of!!! I’m looking forward to Do The Damn Thing 2017!!!!!


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