How You Can BANK On Your Words

What if you could turn your love for writing into a lucrative language people long for?

Words have power and if used right they are profitable!

Before I share about the power of linguistics… let me remind you of this…

Someone right now is searching for your brilliance.

You KNOW things, lots of things that other people don’t – and they desperately NEED your wisdom. 

Why NOT give it to them?

YOU can profit from your adventures, escapes, travels and blogging – right now! 

You have something that you can put a price tag on and people WILL buy it. And it’s true, people buy from those they LIKE, KNOW and TRUST.

If you want them to buy your wisdom – it’s essential that your words communicate in a way that makes you likeable, in ways where people really get to know you and TRUST that they can give you their money and get exactly what you say they will receive.

IT’S NOT ENOUGH to just “write” – you gotta write in a way that speaks to the heart and mind of potential buyers. (the psychology of Linguistics)

Here’s 3 Ways to Profit From the Power of Your Words | Magnetic Marketing

1. SPEAK LIKE YOU TALK: There’s nothing worse than reading someone’s words online and meeting them in person and the voices don’t match up. It’s the same as seeing a profile picture online and the person shows up looking NOTHING like the picture. (You question their authenticity)

*This builds TRUST* 

2. SPEAK YOUR FLAVOR:  The brand of YOU has a natural flavor. What is it? Is it (are you) rich, spicy, zesty, sweet, OR savory? If your personality is sweet, speak sweetly! If your personality is spicy, serve up the heat! – Be you in words!

*This builds LIKEABILITY* 

3. SPEAK TRUTH & TRANSPARENCY: Speak your truth and share your voice uncensored no matter what. When I meet you in person, I want my gut to say ‘she/he’s exactly how he/she sounds in written form. People are craving authenticity – BE real, be you with every word you write.

*This builds the KNOWING* 

Before you begin to blog or write – keep this ONE essential question in mind.How can I authentically and effortlessly build my LIKE-TRUST-KNOW FACTOR?”

Whatever your answer is… do that over and over and over again!

The stronger the LIKE-KNOW-TRUST factor = the more sales you will make! 

So, let’s get back to profiting from your brilliance…

Have you ever considered creating an e-book, an audio lesson, a coaching program or something else tangible from the information you write about in your blog?


I would love to show you HOW. I’ll be sharing exactly how in my upcoming Brand Profit Power Master Class starting on Thursday April 7th.

Join us and let’s turn your brilliance into bank signs! 



Give people something they can FEEL.  If you want to be more attractive to clients you crave, it’s essential that you describe YOU and what you do with words that make them feel and crave you. Don’t get stuck in vanilla vocabulary by using words like awesome, amazing, or fantastic; these words are so over used and have lost their appeal. Why not use words like outstanding, spectacular, vivacious or luscious to describe who you are and what you do? When creating copy or communicating with potential clients, tell stories; stories sell. Share stories that captivate, intrigue, titillate, inspire and engage. The words you use to describe you and what you do are not the icing on the cake; they are the cake! If you want to have clients begging to taste the brand of YOU, you’ve got to speak to their senses, wake them up from the inside out, and invite them to feast at the table of your brand’s offerings. While you’re at it, go ahead and serve up a five-star meal!

Catriceology: “THE BANKABILITY YOU SEEK is in the brand message you speak.” 

If you found value in these 3 tips you can get the full versions and MORE in my Magnetic Marketing Plan. The plan includes 3 mini-e-books and a marketing plan to help you master and monetize your message.

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“Successful business owners understanding branding from the inside out and they don’t CREATE a brand – they become one” – Catrice M. Jackson

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