Boston Here I Come Baby!

It feels so good to speak it, name it, claim it and experience it!

Experiencing Boston, MA has been on my list for a long time.

I wanted to see and explore the history of the city and be amongst the locals especially in the North End which I had heard so much about.

When I was invited to speak at the Women in Travel Summit in Boston in 2015 – it was a win/win and I said yes!

I’m not much of a fiction reader but I picked up this book called “Charlotte Au Chocolat” for the airplane ride to and from. Honestly, it was the cover that grabbed my attention, and being a foodie and travel lover, of course I was interested in anything talking about chocolate and memories. I paid one dollar for the book so I thought, what the heck it will be worth it. {more about the book later}

charolette book

Upon arriving in Boston… Wow! I was super impressed with the hotel accommodations at the Revere Boston! – It was upscale, stylish, chic, and it had a sassy flair to it too. I definitely felt like I was well provided for and taken care of during my stay. I would highly recommend the Revere Boston to anyone visiting the city. It’s perfect because it sits in Downtown Boston, you can walk just about everywhere and the city skyline view is spectacular! I would stay there again anytime.

roomemerald loungelobby art

I met some fabulous women at WITS15 and was immediately captivated by the sisterhood of travel lovers at the conference. Wanderful, the host organization for the conference, is a fabulous community to connect with and get involved with, especially if you love to travel. I don’t have many travel lovers in my family, so it’s always a soul-treat to be in the presence of other people who get it – the craving for exploration and adventure.

I showed up, shined and did my damn thing! Speaking… that is what I love to do. My talk was on “how to cash in on the brand of you.” It was well received, the women loved it and I loved being of service to them. There were so many valuable take-aways from the talk that Twitter was buzzing about them for days after the conference. I am truly blessed and grateful that I get to do what I love the most!

THESE women are fantastic! Just a few of the new SisSTARS I met while in Boston and many of them have become friends and clients. Morgan Field, I especially love her. That woman is purpose in action! – She lives life to the fullest in every moment. We connected further after the conference and she enrolled into my Brand You With A Book program to write her first book, Epic, Sexy, You! – Morgan is rocking it and women all over the world LOVE her book. She’s creating quite the brand-buzz with it.

me and 2 ladiesBoston preparty fun pic

We had a marvelous time! And after all of the networking, I took time to explore the city of Boston. There was so much to see and not enough time. Boston is definitely on my must visit again list. Besides making sure I experienced the North End, seeing the Freedom Trail was a must also.

I learned so much and while walking the streets of Boston, I followed the “red line” of the Freedom Trail to see where it would lead me. The Freedom Trail is a 2.5 mile long “trail” that leads you to historical sites of the American Revolution. Every step tells a story. I was hoping to learn more about the slave trade and a bit more about African American history but time was not on my side.

freedom trailred lineJohn Hancock housetavernnorth end

Eventually, the red line led me to the North End; one of Boston’s historic Italian neighborhoods and one of the first established in the city in 1630. I could have stayed here all day. When I travel, I love going into the neighborhoods to experience different cultures. I wrote about my North End Cannoli Adventure in a previous blog.

One of the most amazing things I discovered was a hidden gem tucked away in a very narrow alley like space between two buildings. I bet this walkway was no more than 4 feet wide and if you aren’t paying attention you’d totally miss it. The only reason I saw it was because faintly saw a sign that said “fresh Artisan bread.” And the bread lover in me had to find out more!

Honestly, I was a little scared to walk down the very narrow and shaded  walkway (only two people can walk side by side down the walkway) to see where it lead. However a very nice Italian speaking man motioned for me to follow him to see this treasure! I trusted my gut and followed and I am so happy I did – Once you get to the end of the walkway you go down a few steps and … and there is a bread lover’s dream! 

Bricco Panteria (watch THIS video) – Oh my gosh! It’s an Old World Italian bakery hidden away right off of Hanover Street. I could have stayed in that alley forever! If you go to Boston’s North End make sure you ask about it because you won’t see it.

Curiosity can be a good thing! I’m so glad I was brave enough to follow that man down the alley to discover Bricco! On my way back to the hotel, I made a point to also see the Paul Revere house and the Liberty Bell. You know… The British are coming, the British are coming Paul Revere! It was so cool to imagine what it must have been like back in the day and to be in the presence of so much history.

Paul Revere House and Liberty Bell

In this photo the actual Liberty Bell is encased in that caged area. The Grey wall you see to the right is Paul Revere’s home which has been restored and preserved. I didn’t have time to go inside but I will next time because Boston has more in store for me soon. I could easily spend several days in the North End alone.

That was it! – My trip to Boston was wonderful. It was another moment to indulge in travel and savor life. 

So… back to the book… what I didn’t realize when I bought the book was that the story took place in Boston  (divine intervention). Although, I don’t often read fiction books, this story was enticing, refreshing and captivating. I haven’t finished it yet but I will. You should check it out on Amazon.

My trip to Boston was surely MEANT TO BE – I can’t wait to go back again! 

Have you ever been to Boston? What did you enjoy about your trip? What are some things I should experience when I go back? Share your experience in the comment section below!

Until next time, indulge in travel and savor life! 


Charlotte Au Chocolat: Memories of a Restaurant Girlhood

Like Eloise growing up in the Plaza Hotel, Charlotte Silver grew up in her mother’s restaurant. Located in Harvard Square, Upstairs at the Pudding was a confection of pink linen tablecloths and twinkling chandeliers, a decadent backdrop for childhood. Over dinners of foie gras and Dover sole, always served with a Shirley Temple, Charlotte kept company with a rotating cast of eccentric staff members. After dinner, in her frilly party dress, she often caught a nap under the bar until closing time. Her one constant was her glamorous, indomitable mother, nicknamed “Patton in Pumps,” a wasp-waisted woman in cocktail dress and stilettos who shouldered the burden of raising a family and running a kitchen. Charlotte’s unconventional upbringing takes its toll, and as she grows up she wishes her increasingly busy mother were more of a presence in her life. But when the restaurant-forever teetering on the brink of financial collapse-looks as if it may finally be closing, Charlotte comes to realize the sacrifices her mother has made to keep the family and restaurant afloat and gains a new appreciation of the world her mother has built.

Infectious, charming, and at times wistful, Charlotte au Chocolat is a celebration of the magic of a beautiful presentation and the virtues of good manners, as well as a loving tribute to the author’s mother-a woman who always showed her best face to the world.


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