When I Feel Most Alive…

There’s nothing like feeling completely ALIVE inside! Many people search for that aliveness and never find it. I’m blessed to know exactly what makes me feel most alive inside and two of the experiences that top my list of “aliveness” are speaking and traveling. And when I get to travel to speak my soul is on fire!

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This I know for sure. My greatest gift to the world is my voice. I’ve known this all my life actually yet in about 1997, I discovered not only the love of speaking, but the love of teaching, inspiring and empowering others through my voice.

Ever since then, I’ve taken advantage of every opportunity to grab the mic, step up on to the platform and speak my voice. I absolutely LOVE speaking. When I’m “on stage” my soul feels most alive and I experience the KNOWING that I was created to inspire the world. 

I’ve always been a seeker. My soul seeks truth, wisdom, knowledge and I’m not afraid to dance with the unknown. I’m an explorer and I even have a bit of an adventurous side. I recall taking a 15+ hour Greyhound bus ride when I was just 16 years old, all by myself, to Spokane Washington to visit my Godparents. That moment of freedom and exploration ignited my desire to travel and see the world. 

I’m not afraid to travel alone and quite honestly, I enjoy it because it forces me out of my comfort zone which is both terrifying and thrilling at the same time. It’s funny, because the first 60 seconds of being on stage is the most nerve-wracking yet rewarding moment ever.

It’s so clear to me that speaking and traveling are my destiny, there’s absolutely no doubt and I love every minute of both. In 2015, I finally made my way to the East coast to visit Boston and speak at a fabulous conference called the Women in Travel Summit. It was an amazing experience. What made it even more exciting was that every woman in the room loved travel just as much as I do. I knew in that moment that I MUST travel more. My soul craves travel. I honestly think I need travel in my life for it to be fulfilling. I feel the same way about speaking.

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This may sound a bit dramatic but it’s true; If I couldn’t speak and travel, I think my soul would die. Speaking is my purpose. Travel is my passion. Therefore, I MUST do both for the rest of my life and I will.

I started this blog to inspire others to do what they are created to do. To get out of their comfort zone and travel the world. And to share my moments of savoring life. I’ll be sharing more about my life intention to SPEAK. TRAVEL. WRITE in this blog and will be sharing my experiences and encounters with brands along the way.

Inspiring and empowering people from the stage is my greatest gift and my  deepest joy!Even though I LOVE the stage I love connecting deeply with the audience by working the room and making real soul-to-soul connections with the audience more. I enjoy moving through the crowd, looking people in the eye and acknowledging their presence and significance in the world. I enjoy sharing stories to teach and inspire and like to infuse my talks with song, humor and lots of naked truth. What’s most important for me is to provide the audience with a thought-provoking experience that awakens their truth, revitalizes their desires and inspires them to take action to courageously take the next steps in their life.  My talks are full of rich content, transformational value and yes a little bit of sass and fun! — I’d LOVE to speak at your next event!

Stay tuned. Follow the blog and I want to hear what YOUR soul must do to thrive! Share it in the comments and tell me your favorite places to travel!




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